The Ultimate Grappler is back!

Due to popular demand, The Ultimate Grappler (TUG) has returned to the NJJF lineup.  The last TUG Finale took place in December 2017 in Orlando, FL and this year we’ve chosen Greenville, SC to host this highly anticipated event. Think you have what it takes to be The Ultimate Grappler? Enter and win one of the regional TUG qualifiers to secure your spot at the Finale.

  • Tournament format: The TUG Finale is a 16-man No-Gi Advanced Absolute tournament in which competitors must qualify for.
  • Match structure: 8-minute bouts, the first half is dedicated to the art of submissions, with no points awarded. The second half introduces points. This applies to the qualifiers as well.
  • TUG Qualifiers: Before the December finale, the nationwide qualifiers, hosted in specific cities, serve as the proving ground for the most skilled grapplers. Competitors must be at least a blue belt to enter. Each qualifier winner not only secures their spot in the prestigious 16-man lineup but also receives a commendable $200.00 in cash and the NJJF Championship belt.
  • TUG Finale: The TUG Finale will take place in Greenville, SC on December 6th. The winner will be awarded the one of a kind TUG Championship belt but also walk away with a substantial $5,000.00 cash prize. Additionally, they will receive exclusive NEWBREED swag, marking their victory in style and cementing their legacy as the Ultimate Grappler 2024.