Champion belts are reserved for the first place winners of “advanced” divisions.

For adults this means purple, brown, and black belt divisions in the gi, and advanced divisions in nogi.

For youth this means orange, green, and blue belt divisions in the gi and advanced divisions in nogi.

If a competitor wins first place in multiple advanced divisions they will be awarded one belt and will receive gold medals for all other divisions won.

Weigh-ins typically begin at 8AM Saturday when the doors open.

It’s very important that youth competitors weigh-in first since their matches start at 9AM.

Absolute competitors may join the line at 8AM along with youth competitors since their matches start at 9AM as well. They need to check in a the weigh-in booth but their weight does not need to be recorded.

If you miss weight you will not be automatically disqualified. You will have the chance to weigh again up to an hour before your division start time.

Vouchers can be used for any NJJF event up to one year from the tournament date. Vouchers can not be used for any other organization’s events.

Our registration price always includes two divisions. This usually means one gi and one nogi division at your weight class and skill level. You can also choose to do two gi or two nogi divisions, one at your weight class and skill level, and the other at a higher weight class or skill level.

Competitors under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the absolute division.

Black belts can compete for free at any NEWBREED tournament. Just reach out to info@newbreedbjj.com to be verified and receive your personalized Smoothcomp code.

If there are no other competitors in your division you may choose to move up a weight class or skill level to find a match. Athletes in Masters or Executive age groups may choose to move down to the Adult age group. Email info@newbreedbjj.com if you need assistance finding a match.

If you have received a coupon code for a future event, access it by logging into your account and navigating to the “Your Coupons” section. During the registration process, the option to apply the coupon code will be available.

For promo codes or coupon codes obtained through email or text, you can enter them before making the payment during the registration process.

The normal registration deadline is the Tuesday before each tournament. We encourage all athletes to sign up by this time.

The final registration deadline is the day before each tournament at 5PM. No registrations will be accepted after this time.

No registrations will be accepted the day of the tournament.

You can add an absolute division as a third division when registering or you can select “absolute only” as your sole division.

Contestants have the option to adjust their registration details by accessing their Smoothcomp account before the designated deadline for changes.

Once the change deadline has passed, registrations will be finalized and no further modifications will be permitted.

Participants in a division with no other competitors are advised to either move up to a higher division or cancel their registration to receive a full credit.

If you need assistance please email info@newbreedbjj.com asap with your requested change.

Brackets are published the day before the tournament. You will receive an email notifying you of the event schedule and bracket information.

Once published, you can view your bracket on Smoothcomp under the brackets & schedule tab.

Matches are labeled by the mat they are assigned to and the order in which they come up.

A1 is the first match to happen on mat A, D22 is the is the twenty second match to happen on mat D etc.

Competitors who sign up in the early registration period will receive a free t-shirt at the event. T-shirts can be claimed at the NEWBREED merch table during the tournament.

Spectator tickets can be purchased on Smoothcomp with your registration, or at the door the day of the event. Adult spectator ticket are $15 each.

Youth spectators tickets for ages 8 & under are $5 and can only be purchased at the door.